Business plan writing 

Starting a new business is the hardest task that any individual will embark on. The fundamental flaw that a business will face is well written business plan with realistic financial projections, most banks won't even a consider offering a loan if your business’s projections are not viable or unrealistic. We've read and heard the statistics of how many small businesses fail and it can be disheartening. The amount of research involved scoping out the competitors and the SWOT ( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) analysis involved it's almost not worth the hassle and the trouble.  

Here at Scarlett Pimpernel, we actually take the hard work out of the equation and charge reasonable prices. We are not a charity, but we won't rip you off either. We will analyse your business and do the research for you, so that your plan is well written and persuasive. If you are looking to fund your business through crowd funding we will write a plan suitable for this and also write the content for the website to entice investors.

 We will also be able to promote your business and work out the best marketing strategies by helping you design professional and highly functional websites that will actually help your business gets the exposure and attention it deserves through dynamic web personalisation.   

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