The job market is tough and there are hundreds of candidates going for the same position. There are millions of professionals with Linked in profiles, who have 500 plus connections but how many of those connections  translate into job opportunities or leads. Company's are looking for candidates who don't just fit the standard job description but who actually think outside the box, now with you tube videos, websites and even sandwich boards, but you don't have to go that far. 

Here at Scarlett Pimpernel we go the extra mile to help our customers to succeed because it make us looks successful. We will look at your skills and experience and transform them into online portfolioss that are professional  and eye catching. The prices are dependent on each project and will be more if they require video presentations.   These online portfolios will definitely stand out on Linked in profiles or any other networking sites.  Your portfolios will be advertise on the company's social media pages to increase the exposure from potential Employers, however this is optional.  

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